5 Tips to choose your Coworking in Barcelona

Tips for Exploring Coworking in Barcelona

Are you new to Barcelona and don’t know the perfect place to work? Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city and its International vibe brings lots of Digital Nomads, Remote workers and 2.0 Backpackers from all over the world. That’s why in recent years a lot of Coworkings are on the rise in our beautiful town.

If you’re reading this post, it’s probably because you’re looking for a Coworking Space in Barcelona, so we’ve listed some tips that you’ll probably find useful in your search for the perfect space.

Tip 1- Do a little bit of research on spaces around you!  getting started:

Being that Barcelona is a Beach Town , the shops, restaurants, and coworking spaces reflect that. Keeping that in mind, the first step to finding just about anything you need is by simply using Google. When Google searching for coworking spaces its best to use phrases such as “Best Coworking Spaces in Barcelona” or “Coworking Spaces in Barcelona”. Always do a complete look at the entire website of the various coworking spaces. Another important thing is to look at reviews left on Google and their Facebook pages. Check out the different plans to see if the coworking offers the amenities you need such as meeting rooms, Skype room, and such.

Tip 2- Socialize in the Coworking: 

Coworkers enjoyn an afterwork in a Coworking in Poble Sec

First, know the kind of people you’ll meet at a Coworking space. You may have the remote worker who works with a company abroad and goes to a coworking in order to avoid FOMO. There’s also the freelancer who enjoys socializing and collaboration. You may also encounter the teams which can be small startups composed of various people. The most important thing is to be proactive in approaching people and initiating conversation.

Usualy this spaces have open communal areas where you can always start a conversation by offering a compliment, asking a question about the space, or simply asking where the person is from. Pay a bit of attention to how other people within the coworking space interact with one another. It’s always important to keep in mind that everyone joined the coworking community to not only work but meet new people. This should lessen any nerves you have about starting conversations with people.

Tip 3- Don’t bring too many things to a coworking space:  

Coworkings generally offer a communal kitchen area, fast Wi-Fi, tables and desk spaces. Depending on the different plans that coworkings offer you should take your everyday essentials. Aside from the laptop, always bring your charger because most coworkings won’t have free ones to use. Coworkings don’t tend to be loud in the working areas but bring headphones just in case. While coworkings offer free coffee and sometimes snacks, bring your own favorite go-to snacks. Bring anything else that will make you feel at home but use discretion. Expect people to be dressed casually but not too casual either. Expect to meet the community manager who will introduce you to the space and inform you about how things work. If you ever have any doubts about anything feel free to contact the coworking space, they’re always willing to answer your questions.

Try various spaces

Team of La Vaca Coworking in Poble Sec neighboorhod of Barcelona

Tip 4- Don’t just try 1 Coworking Space:

Something you should not do is only try one coworking space in Barcelona. It’s such a cosmopolitan city that every space you encounter will be unique. Be sure to check the websites of the coworking spaces because most of them offer a free one-day trial of their space. (Click this link to apply for a 1 day trial at La Vaca).  This way you can try out the space for free. Another “don’t do” tip is to not judge a coworking space on the first person you encounter. Coworking spaces attract an array of international people who are constantly coming and going so the atmosphere and vibe can vary depending on when you go.

Leave feedback

Tip 5- Always leave a review, post, or comment on the coworking space because it’ll show the coworking space you were at that you not only liked their space but if you ever return they’ll be more likely to remember you and it’s a good way to establish a connection:

A simple act of kindness can go a long way. Leaving a positive review about the coworking space on Google or Facebook will allow the space to know what you enjoyed about it. Even if it’s not necessarily positive feedback its okay because any feedback is good for the coworking. By leaving a review or comment you may be leaving an impression on the team at the workspace and that means they’re more likely to remember you when you return. It’s also a good way of establishing a connection. A major tip that goes with connecting is to always attend the events coworkings host. Whether it be an exercise session or afterwork, join in and don’t be afraid to try something new. Not only will you be trying a new activity but you’ll meet new people. It’s easier to create a true connection with someone over an activity because you can both relate to the experience.