Fear spelled out

Fear of Missing Out and Remote Work, do you need a Coworking Space?

What is FOMO?

“Nobody is safe from FOMO”

Simply put it’s the Fear Of Missing Out. Missing out on what? Everything. Missing out on information or “not being in the know” triggers FOMO. Social media is a trigger for this fear. Any form of social media acts as our community lifeline. It’s as if you aren’t part of the “in” group in school and miss out on sometimes vital information. This then leads to endless refreshing and scrolling through Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. This hypervigilant state can lead to anxiety and stress. FOMO has become huge in popular culture. In the U.S. it has become part of everyone’s vernacular. Since we have this capability, social media, to see what all our coworkers are doing nobody’s safe from FOMO.

Man alone with FOMO


How to deal with this FOMO?

“The beauty of a coworking space”

A solution is coworking. One of the greatest advantages of coworking is the community you’ll encounter. This enables you to be able to network and build interpersonal relationships. This in turn will accelerate your digital nomad/freelancer life. Sure everyone likes their independent space and alone time but that’s the beauty of a coworking space. Coworking spaces are flexible and allow you to work and socialize whenever you want to. On top of this, many places offer coworking with creative studios which makes them perfect for content creators and creative individuals. Aside from the features coworking spaces offer such as coffee areas, kitchens, meeting/Skype rooms, and such, you’ll also cure your fear of missing out.

Do you have FOMO?

“We’ve all experienced it at one point or another”

The environment of coworking spaces enable remote workers to be “in the know”. Even freelancers who work from home feel the need to get out of their home every now and then. Sometimes they aren’t aware of this concept or fear but we’ve all experienced it at one point or another.

The want for social interaction or the need for a change of scenery can all be satisfied with coworking. If we haven’t convinced you yet check out on our webpage to see how our co workers here at La Vaca use the space to satisfy their needs and cure their FOMO.

A millennial problem?

“They crave a community”

Most people who choose to work in coworking spaces are millennials. They’re also the generation that experiences the most FOMO. They crave a community. While you can engage and find a community online from virtually anywhere, the workplace is necessary. A coworking acts as a key place for collaboration and creates a sense of belonging to a physical community.

Lastly, one of the best ways for dealing with FOMO is to try and not let social media feeds control your life. As a digital nomad or freelancer you constantly work with technology so it might sound odd that a solution is to unplug a bit. But, by joining a coworking space you’ll have an easier time detaching yourself from your device and forming concrete and organic relationships.

Moving Forward

“The trend of the shift from traditional office spaces to coworkings”

Connections beyond the digital world is what’s missing from from a remote worker’s life; coworking provides that bridge between the two. An interesting fact is that even some big businesses experience FOMO. In keeping with the trend of the shift from traditional office spaces to coworkings, these large businesses are joining the coworking culture. The world is constantly changing and so is the way we work. So whether you are a digital nomad, working from home, or looking to change your work lifestyle, a coworking space, such as la vaca coworking, can be a solution for you. So, do you homework and find one that works for you! FOMO may not be curable by medicinal means, but a change in environment can be exactly what the doctor calls for.