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  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Plan_Resident


    Your own fix desk where you can leave your stuff

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Plan_Flexible


    Come over and find a free comfy spot for you

  • 1/2 Flexible

    Choose between morning shift (9am - 2:30pm) or afternoon (2:30pm - 8pm)

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Plan_Digital Nomad

    Digital Nomad

    No strings attached. Come and go whenever you want

  • 10 days pass

    10 Days entries that you can use at any time

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Plan_Teams


    Are you part of a Team? Please contact us for a tailor-made plan

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_Meeting_Room

    meeting & conference room

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_wifi

    high speed internet

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_printer_scanner

    printer & scanner

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_Meeting_projector


  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_Mail

    mail box

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_lockers


  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_finger-print-access

    finger print access

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_coffee

    coffee & tea

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_bike-parking

    bike parking

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_skype

    skype room

  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_kitchen


  • La Vaca-Coworking-Barcelona_Facilities_library

    books & magazines

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Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19
08004, Barcelona, Spain

h. 9am - 8pm

El Poble Sec

The 19th-century working class district of Barcelona. El Poble Sec (the dry village) was never dry. Quite the opposite. But the strong industrial activity in the area dried the wells, and the neighborhood suffered severe droughts. At the foot of Montjuic, it has always been rich of theatres, cabarets, and cafés. Soon became a meeting point for social anarchist movements. The most successful Spanish strike started from here. And it brought to the reduction of 8 working hours per day. El Poble Sec. Place of contrasts. Always on the move. Hard working. Independent thinker. Like la vaca.

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About us

A big former dairy. In Barcelona city center. District of Poble Sec. People used to buy fresh milk there. And cream on Sundays. Turned into a laid back coworking. An oasis of creative chaos. Work, chill, and fun. Flowing around an open space. Where you can focus. Get your things done. Create your projects. Have a meeting. Read a travel magazine. Or watch a movie. Feel like at home. Get a nap. Listen to some funky music. Have a beer. Make friends. First.

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19 08004, Barcelona, Spain h. 9am – 8 pm
El Poble Sec

One of the oldest districts of Barcelona, El Poble Sec still has got a lot to discover. Between Paralelo and Montjuic connected by the green metro line (Poble Sec stop). Our coworking is located right at the beginning of carrer Blai, popular street among the lovers of the tapeo "pintxos style".


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