Digital Nomads: The Rise of a New Tribe!

We know that nomads have existed for thousands of years. Their life style now inspires a new kind of worker: the digital nomads. Who are they? What do they do? Where do they live?

In recent years, traditional office spaces are becoming less and less attractive and suitable in the new work culture. Nowadays, many people need nothing else but a laptop and reliable WI-FI to work. They are not attached anymore to a specific space of work and those people are part of the increasing trend of working from location by far more exotic than the “traditional working office”, they’re the digital nomads!

What is a digital nomad?

A Digital Nomad is someone who works remotely using technologies, laptop, smartphone, Wi-Fi to practice their job and accomplish their daily tasks. They are location independent workers. Although unaware, there are already millions of people working remotely. With the number of freelancers increasing every year, it’s been estimated that by 2035, there’ll be over one billion Digital Nomads.

Where do digital nomads work?

A digital nomad isn’t always someone who travels around the world, working remotely from every exotic place on earth. Everyone that is working without time and place restriction, working remotely maybe from home or in the coffee shop of the city where they’re working at the moment, can actually be considered digital nomads. What really defines the nomads is not the mobility but the location independence. They can work wherever they go as long as there is a decent internet connection. 

The travel aspect is indeed one of the attractive part of this new way of working. Digital nomads find spots everywhere on earth to connect with new people from different horizons. They find inspiring places where to work, the only thing they need is a good internet connection and a laptop, a tablet or a good smartphone.

As the nomads culture becomes more and more popular, special work spaces were born in continuation of the movement. Spaces called coworkings, emerging everywhere across the world. These coworking spaces have become essential to the nomad life-style. A coworking is a collaborative and shared office where professionals and entrepreneurs from different sectors are able to meet and share resources. Spaces where they can access events, useful tools, develop their ideas and enrich them. These spaces are of course a lot more beneficial than having everyone work remotely from home, as their home offices may not be as well-thought out as a productive space compared to a space that could be found in coworking spaces. 

Why digital nomad’s life is attractive?

The nomad lifestyle is also attractive because traditional office concept is scary.

Digital Nomad Tribe Backpack

A place where you can’t see the sunlight, where you have to stick to the schedule and where the choice is not yours.

Millions of people are sick of their job and hate it. They feel trapped and dread every upcoming week at work. They’re dreaming of self-employment, financial independence, flexible working hours and a better work-life balance. Many digital nomads are able to achieve these things by working out their own livelihoods. Some digital nomads start their own companies, whilst others will use some of their existing money to invest in things. Of course, there are other ways of doing this too.

That’s the life that have chosen digital nomads. Leaving the traditional cubicle office space they get to decide where they want to work and manage their own timetable.

Being part of the digital nomad community

While nomads are working independently, they are really communal beings. As a result, they tend to work in spaces like a coworking. One goal is to meet like-minded people that could become partners. Digital nomads are helping each other and always want their community to grow and be enriched by new people with new skills and ideas.

Their community is world located. Nomads are everywhere, no matter which country you choose. There’ll always be a nomad in the area and a place where to connect because where there is Wi-Fi there are digital nomads. And if you want to meet nomads in your next destination you can check out in Nomad List and look for nomads in the city.

Lastly, it’s important not to think that becoming a digital nomad is an easy thing. It demands motivation and hard-working. Although a long process to become self dependent, its an adventure worth living.