Coworkers building relationships in a coworking space

Useful Tips for Networking at a Coworking Space

Networking allows you to expand your knowledge and immerse yourself in other circles. A coworking space is a great idea if you want to meet others in a professional and personal manner. This spaces allow you to be communicative with others and find opportunities of collaboration. Networking is one of the benefits to work from a Coworking Space

Participate in events

“Uniting a community”

The idea of coworking includes creating a diverse community of thinkers. Usually, Coworking Spaces, hosts day and night events  to boost networking. Make sure to attend to some of this, it will enable you to create new acquaintances and friendships. Bonding with others will make you feel more comfortable at work and at ease. In La Vaca we have monthly and weekly events. There is paella Thursdays, yoga to relax, and a community of runners you can join.

Where should you eat?

Food events at coworking spaces

“Eating at a common space”

Food allows connection. Having a more relaxed lunch will not only help you to take a break on your work but also talk to others. Your lunch time could be more entertaining if you allow yourself to have lunch with other coworkers instead of seating by yourself or eating in your working space. Food can be a conversation starter and a great way to utilize that free time to network with people around.

Take advantage of the amenities

“Entertaining and stress free zones”

Coworking spaces usually tend to have amenities that allow you to focus but also recreational spaces. Take advantage of these. In La Vaca for example, we have small living rooms in which you can talk, video games and a pool table. This often serves as a way to entertain and free your mind from stress. It is a good way to avoid unnecessary distractions. Even if you are alone you can play pool or a video game and others may join. It is a great way to connect and create a stronger bond with people you see everyday.

Creating your own event?

Meetings and conferences for networking

“Be creative and fearless”

It is never too late to be part of something or create relationships. If your coworking space does not offer something you are interested, communicate to them. Probably you can propose an idea that other would love to participate in. Be fearless to speak out. Your event may be well received and can become a new monthly event for that coworking space. Be creative, you never know who you may meet.

Share your knowledge


Sharing your knowledge with other coworkers can help you in the networking world but also personally. Spread the word of what you do for a living, maybe someone at the coworking space has similar interests and can collaborate or help you. In our Coworking Space ther is Paolo,  a lawyer that dedicates half an hour each week to offer himself as a consultant and he is open to help with any concerns related to his area. Dedicating even a small portion of your time to help and inform others, can bring positive results.

Being talkative

“Opening up”

Not everyone is an extrovert, however find comfort upon discomfort. Try to open up to others even if it is by taking small steps. Talk to at least people who work next to you. You might find that others have similar interests or are willing to give you some company when you need it. Remember that by saying “hello” or asking how was their day, can make a huge impact on that person’s mood. Treat others how you would like to be treated and be attentive.