How to Avoid Distractions and Focus at Work

It is said that the brain is able to concentrate for only 45 minutes, with no breaks. Staying focused at work has a big impact on the outcome of success. There should be an appropriate work-life balance that can maximize and improve the time spent at work. Here are several productivity, health, and wellness techniques that can be utilized to help you stay focused on the job.

Fixing Habits

“Being mindful of your sleep, diet, and mental health”

In order to tackle distractions at work, you need to take a look back on daily habits that may be affecting your ability to work. Many complain about how they cannot focus at work and the core problems are the way they take care of themselves. Sleep, diet, and mood have a huge impact on how you concentrate and carry your responsibilities throughout the day. Therefore this is the first place to start when you want to focus better on your work.

Start with your sleep schedule, most people need at least 6-8 hours of quality sleep as days can get tiring after several hours of concentration or moving around. This means removing all electronic distractions from your bedroom and sleeping on a quality mattress. Next, look at your diet and see if you are eating plenty of fruits and vegetables as a lack of minerals makes your body concentrate on craving them instead of work. Fixing these two aspects of your daily habits should also help improve your mood, if not then seek comfort from a friend or family member, or speak to a therapist.

Work needs to be complemented with a healthy diet and lifestyle. Balancing your diet and being active after work create a good headspace and ultimately promote productivity.

Recommended steps to take

“Taking breaks”

Some tips that are useful to extend focus time is to take 5 minute breaks every 45 to 60 minutes of intense work. Walking around, drinking some water or having a snack can be a good way to distract the mind for a couple minutes.

The Pomodoro Technique, allows in between breaks and divides up the work through intervals. It has become very popular but of course it is not suitable to everyone. This is why it is important to put small goals and create to do lists to be on top of what has been done and what is yet to be completed.

A Digital World

“Use with moderation”

The proper use of electronic devices should be taken into consideration. During the 21st century most jobs have an electronic component to it. Therefore, it is important to make a distinction on the appropriateness of when to use the phone or computer.

We recommend to put the phone in silent mode during work intervals and check it during breaks. Some people even have two phones, one for work matters and another one for personal use. Social media should be left for breaks or after work. Also, checking emails twice of three times a day can be more useful than just having it open.

What not to do


There is a common misconception that coffee increases productivity. It is actually the other way around, caffeine creates anxiousness which leads to stress and feeling overwhelmed. A cup will not hurt, but coffee should not be a habit. A supplement to this may be a cup of tea or a fruit; something that gives energy but that does not accelerate the heart. Staying relaxed creates an incentive to work and enjoying the process that needs to be done to complete tasks.

The key to increasing productivity

“A positive energy”

A positive energy and attitude need to be achieved to facilitate productivity and focus at work. Listening to soothing music has proven to be relaxing and shows others around that you are in working mode. Be communicative of what you need, so that others can be comprehensive of your working habits, will be less distracting.

Creating an atmosphere that is easy to work, has a positive impact on work. Organizing your desk and work space makes it easy to stay on top of tasks and not get overwhelmed. Keep it simple, you can personalize your space without filling it up with too much decorations and picture frames. Also embrace the empty space, try to keep it that way so that it does not become messy. Keep post its, reminding you of your to do s, an accessible agenda or use a reminder app.

The atmosphere

“Find your space”

Staying away from distractions may help, however productivity goes along with adopting healthy habits and being in a positive atmosphere. Once you have a plan and internalize your motivation, you will be able to work in any conditions. Try to find a personalized working space. For instance, coworking spaces allow you to meet others and stay focused. It promotes a fun and productive style of working and it is based on your own desires and priorities.