Body Mindfulness and the Importance of Ergonomics

Once you take care of yourself, you can start to achieve success in your surroundings. Being mindful of your own body can help in both a psychological and physical way. Different types of ergonomics can either target mental health or other comfort needs. Ergonomics is essential in a working space, comfort increases productivity and ultimately incentivizes a healthy lifestyle.


“A healthy, safe and productive atmosphere”

Ergonomics is the study of how to fit a working ambiance into the needs of the people. There is a range of things that can be changed for comfort in a place, coming from a chair to even the architecture of a space. It is all about designing a healthy, safe and productive atmosphere to work in. If people know that their happiness is addressed at their workplace they will want to have positive outcomes and support the entire working culture.

Productivity and Personal Growth

“A productive energy”

When comfort predominates, productivity increases. There are several studies that indicate that ergonomics has a large effect on the amount and quality of work of people. The amount of stress decreases when there is enjoyment of the amenities around. This overall, provides working people with a productive energy and incentivizes them to go further. There are some destress techniques that may be offered in a working space, for instance ergonomic seatings, bouncy balls to stretch, yoga sessions or massages.

Quality of Life

“Being connected with oneself”

Why is it important to be mindful of your own health and body? When you are healthy, other things around you fall into place. You will find yourself with a better state of mind, more friendly, more happy, more connected to who you are. A working space and comfort is the most important thing in a daily basis. Since work is your second home your body and mind should find themselves connected and comfortable while completing tasks. Ammy Cuddy explains through her TED talk, how body posture may shape someone’s identity. Seeing the connection between body and mind can create a positive effect to the impact we have in the environment in and outside of work. 

Engagement and Safety

“Impacts on mood and energy levels”

Having a healthy body with no back or neck pain as well a balanced sitting time will directly impact the mood and energy levels of a person. When ergonomics desks and seats are applied in a working space, people will lighten up and probably will want to engage with one another. There is also a safety factor within the importance of ergonomics. Too much sedentarism can lead to depression and health risks such as heart diseases, high blood pressure and back/neck problems. It is important to maintain an active lifestyle in which people can engage during work and are not always sitting in the same position.

Being Mindful

“Efficiency and well being”

Putting your own mind and body first is essential to have a good quality of life. In all stages of life one needs to be careful of how our life is carried. Ergonomics in the working place is crucial to maintain happiness and productivity. This is why different types of desks, chairs and even architecture/design of a space can have a huge impact on efficiency and the well-being of a person and can also be environmentally friendly. A positive atmosphere leads to a positive lifestyle.