Bike Sharing as a solution to move around Barcelona

The Sharing Economy today is more than a reality. There are now more than ever services available that allow you to move around the city sharing vehicles. For example, car sharing and motorbike sharing arrived just a few years ago and have positively impacted the sustainable development of Barcelona. And not only in Barcelona, but in other parts of the world as well, bike sharing has become popular. With the help of rentals, it becomes easier for riders to access a bike. Additonally, other than being a convenient, fun, and social activity, cycling can promote good health.

The low cost and flexibility of sharing transportation has allowed this new concept to flourish.

Thus, in the last couple of years bike sharing has also emerged. It’s the cheapest, most sustainable, and healthiest way to move around the city. The objective is to convert cities into more sustainable spaces, by providing an alternative mode of transportation that reduces the volume of pollution and other detrimental environmental impacts.

With cities calmer and with less traffic, bicycles want to roam and contribute to the improvement of air quality especially in the biggest of cities like Barcelona.

Recent bike sharing sales data has shown great profitability. In fact, in the last few years, the sales of bicycles have rapidly grown surpassing the sale of cars. After seeing how popularity continues to increase as time goes on, the next step is to make all bicycles shared, thus reducing the problem of overcrowding. You don’t need to go to a store and look for a model, upon payment, but this mode of transport wants to be collective so that it can be more accessible, easily, and efficient.

Did you know that Barcelona is the number 1 city in Spain when it comes to the use of bikes daily?

Get around the city in a faster and simpler manner with Bike Sharing

Due to Barcelona’s design, the city has adapted to the use of bicycles. Many people here use a bike to move around everyday. It’s a smart way to get around in the city and a great way to be environmentally friendly.

Years ago, the city council was the first to investigate this concept and eventually implemented a Bicing service in the city. Later private companies wanted to grow the service that the council offered, with alternative forms of use, such as diversified payment methods and a more user friendly app.

One of the companies with the most success in this sector is without a doubt Donkey Republic, probably the best way to rent a bicycle in Barcelona! With the simple use of the app, you can locate and rent a bicycle according to your needs. Rent for an hour or a day and only pay for the time you have used it!

The service works well and has many pick up and drop off points throughout the city.

Advantages of Donkey Republic:

  1. You do not need a Spanish credit card
  2. You can unlock and lock the bike as many times as you want during your rental without internet connection
  3. You can buy a local membership that gives you unlimited 12 hour rides for €12/month.
  4. You can use your membership in more than 40 cities.
  5. There is no limit to where you can use the bike.

In addition, the all you can ride membership of Donkey Republic not only includes free 12 hour rides in Barcelona but in every other city Donkey operates in throughout Europe. Rent as many times you want to in a month but for a maximum of 12 hours at a time. Anything above a 12 hour rental will be charged according to normal rates.

A discount for all the Vaqueros

The environment is important to us at La Vaca, therefore we want to support the service that Donkey Republic offers, so we have begun a collaboration with them so that everyone of our Vaqueros can get a discount to use the service.

Use the code “LAVACABCN” to receive the discount of 12€ per month instead of the usual 15€ per month price for the all you can ride membership plan.

If you don’t want to have a membership but just use the service of Donkey Republic from time to time, you can also use the exclusive discount for the coworkers! By using the code LAVACA15 you can receive a 15% discount off the regular booking price.

Join the movement

This new economy has converted into a world of sharing. We share housing and even transportation. Transport sharing is the most popular and newest edition. Bike sharing is the easiest and most effective way to move around the city of Barcelona while being environmentally friendly. With Donkey Republic you can include bike sharing in a part of life for some hours or a whole day. If you are a vaquero, take advantage of this offer and see Barcelona in a new light!