Hidden Gems of Barcelona

Barcelona has become such a big and trendy city where tourists tend to go to the same popular places. However, there are hidden gems that most do not know about and are definitely worth visiting. If you want to experience something different, the plurality of culture as well as the art around the city, explore further.  

Jardins de Rubio

“Peace and nature”

Jardins de Rubio is located in Carrer del Carme at Raval, and is near the Gothic neighborhood as well. This beautiful and tranquil space creates an aura of peace and nature within the city. It is perfect for a break, to a have a chat, eat a snack or finding a comfortable place to read a book. It used to be a hospital centuries ago, but now it serves as a public space to socialize or have personal tranquility. There are many trees and a fountain that provides a relaxing water flow sound in the background. This place is not very known by tourists but it is easy to find once you know where it is.


Horta Labyrinth Park

“Art and nature combined”

This labyrinth park has been open to the public since 1971, it is a garden created on the late 1700´s with a neoclassic and romantic style. It is recommendable if you have an interest in botanics and art or you just wish to have a peaceful walk. This is a historical garden and art museum located in Passeig dels Castanyers. There is free entrance every Sunday so and it could be a great opportunity to go with family or friends.


“A classy and creative atmosphere”

Paradiso is a cosy place at El Born. It appears to be pastrami sandwich shop from the outside but is actually one of the best bars in Barcelona. The entrance is through a fridge. When you come in, you can appreciate a beautiful wavy ceiling and plants that create a classy and creative atmosphere. They classify their cocktails in the menu depending on the degree of alcohol and flavor intensity. These cocktails are recognized as being very aesthetically pleasing because of its colors and decorative style. A personal favorite is “Venezia in Rose”.

El Armario

“Exclusive speakeasy”

El Armario is a hidden bar. The place does not have any type of social media and its mostly known by locals. This place is very small and magnificent. To get in, you need to go through a hole in the wardrobe of the owner. Its unique entry gave it the name of “El Armario”. Some people have managed to come in and others not since the owner will open it to the public depending on his mood. The opening hours are unknown but if you manage to get in you will experience something special and exciting.


Antic Teatre

“Fresh creativity”

The Antic Teatre is a bar/terrace created during the 1950´s, which promotes independent shows. It is the perfect spot to sit around and socialize while enjoying a good artistic performance. It is located in between the Santa Caterina Market and el Palau de la Música. It is a place that promotes creativity at a local, national and international level. They sell tickets through their site or at the place. It is extremely recommendable to those who are art lovers and wish to taste fresh and delicious cocktails in the shade of the trees, during a sunny afternoon.

Bunkers – El Carmel

“City views”

Bunkers is recommended by the locals as the best place for city views. There is a steep walk and some stairs while going up the hill of the Rovira. When you arrive there you will have different angles to look at the city, it is a great place to go with friends and drink some wine or beers while listening to music. This place has a unique charm since there is a young crowd. The ambiance is very inspiring if you are there during the sunset.  



Creating a unique experience

“Be creative”

It is important to take advantage of the diverse places that exist in Barcelona. A way in which you can make out the best of your visit is to look around further from the traditional touristic experiences. There is so much more hidden. Embrace your experience as a newcomer and allow yourself to be creative on discovering new activities and places that you might enjoy.