Tasting barcelona food

Have a Taste of Barcelona

Why Barcelona?

“A Gastronomic Paradise”

As a newcomer it can be hard to adapt or to find your niche in a new city. Barcelona, is a pluricultural place. It is one of the most interesting cities to visit, not only because of its diverse culture and history but also because people have continuously built this city by bringing small parts of themselves.

The special combination of being a cosmopolitan city while also having tranquil neighborhoods, like Barceloneta, makes it become attractive for tourists and locals. Gastronomy is also very present. In Spanish culture, having coffee, food and a nice chat is part of daily life. The combination of traditional food along with international cuisine in the variety of neighborhoods from Barcelona make this city a gastronomic paradise.


Find your own food experience


“Every neighborhood has its charm”

When first arriving to Barcelona, it is confusing to know which place would be the best to enjoy of. Every neighborhood within Barcelona has its charm and specific food that must be tried. In this case, try to avoid tourist traps and go for the real thing. It is best to do some research first about which food experience will fit with your likings. We will give you an insight about our personal favorites and some of the neighborhoods that we enjoy the most.

El Born

“Unreal cocktails”

Born neighborhood is known for its small medieval streets and cozy places often decorated with round gold light bulbs. It has great bars for cocktails and also fantastic coffee shops. Some recommendations are: AlSur, LULU, El Flako. These are perfect for breakfast or brunch. If you are looking for original dishes and mixtures, they are colorful and cozy places to start the day.  El Born also has one of the most acclaimed bar sceneries. They are fun and innovative. They are also close to each other, perfect for bar hopping and having the best cocktails in Barcelona. Sauvage, Rubi (Lime House), Paradiso Dr. Stravinski, Copetin are trendy and always have new cocktails for you to try.


Gothic Quarter

“Food markets and small local shops”

The Gothic Quarter is one of my favorite neighborhoods. It has a lively atmosphere that involves coffee shops, great restaurants, food markets and small local shops. Visiting the main plaza is a great idea, there are restaurants around it that have a wide variety of food types, for example: seafood, italian, asian and fusion cuisine. Some recommendations around Gothic Quarter are: Boqueria Market, famous for its spices, charcuterie, fruit and fresh meats. Black Remedy allows you to enjoy splendid coffee in a tranquil place, while Cafe Schilling is more crowded and offers live music at night. Bacoa Burger is also a delicious treat if you are in a hurry, it is a gourmet burger in the center of Gothic Quarter, very delicious and inexpensive.


“Refreshing dishes”

Barceloneta is a friendly environment for tourists, if you are in search of a peaceful sunset or a refreshing dish and drink this is your place. If you walk along the tiny streets you will find many distinct places. You can enjoy of delicious paella at Pez Vela, which is near the W Hotel. You will enjoy of great sea views while having tasty  seafood. However, you can also find some great tapa bars; Bodega Fermin is a favorite. It crafts its own beer and wine while having a rustic atmosphere, as well as outdoor sitting.

Back to tradition

“One must go back to the origins”

Gaudí once said, “to be original one must go back to the origins”. Spanish food has been distorted over the time of what is typical from the country. After the dictatorship, Spain was generalized to be: Flamenco, tapas, bullfighting, and sangria. Well this four things actually are not endemic to all regions. In reality Spanish culture is much more than that. In Barcelona, there are original and great typical Catalan food to try. Some recommended places are: Can Solé and Ca l’Isidre. Both are magnificent traditional Catalan food restaurants. Can Solé is near the beach, it has a cozy ambience due to the mixture of blue and white colors. Ca l’Isidre is located at Raval, a diverse and dynamic neighborhood.