Embracing your Experience as a Newcomer

A new life?


Adopting a new life and being able to feel comfortable about it takes some time. Opening up to a new experience allows you to grow in many aspects. Loneliness, responsibility, wanting to fit-in, are some of the things that are naturally felt during the process. Even though you may feel a rollercoaster of emotions while becoming comfortable at a new place, it is most likely that you will find this experience unique and enriching.



“A new opportunity”

If you are a digital nomad, you are used to being in new places. However, every place is different and a feeling of excitement and adventure is what first arises. It takes courage to take your bags and leave behind the things that you are used to having on a day to day basis. There is a feeling of braveness and excitement towards the opportunity of having a blank slate. Moving to a new place can be seen as a new opportunity to thrive, to find love, and to find yourself.  

Cultural Shock

¨Meeting expectations”

When you move out to a new place, you may experience a cultural shock. There are things that you cherish, for instance your family, your dog, your partner, and other things that can be difficult to leave for some time. It doesn’t mean that you are leaving them behind, but it is more about embracing a new surrounding for growth in a financial, social or personal way. You may encounter that all of your expectations of how you imagined that your life would be, are not instantly met. Don´t worry, this is normal. It takes some time to adjust to new food, maybe a new language, a new home or roommate, and even a new bed. Have patience.

Bringing a piece of yourself

“Find comfort upon discomfort”

Try to make it the best of every situation; any inconveniences that may arise are just a new part of your experience. It takes courage to become a newcomer and feel as you belong. A suggestion is to find similarities between where you are and your own culture. Try to ask questions, showing interest in someone’s culture allows them to open up to know more about yours. You can also take this opportunity to teach others about yourself and your own values and traditions. It is important to be respectful and considerate. Being understanding is what every human being is seeking for. You will be amazed by the amount of foreign and local people that you can meet and learn from just being open minded.

How to merge in the culture

“Avoid touristic spots”

After you have explored the city, try to avoid touristic spots. The places where locals frequently go are most likely the ones that will provide you with the most authentic experiences. Do not rely on immediate google searches. Ask to the people around you. For instance, taxi drivers and people who work at local stores are great recommenders. Try to do some research, watch local news and look into the art and culture scene of the city. Attend to events that you find interesting and be friendly to those who are there, they might end up becoming great friends who can show you around. Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask and approach strangers as long as it is in a safe context.

Embracing your experience


You may feel that you are not one of “them” but that you have also changed from being the person that you used to be before arriving. Try to remain true to yourself by accepting who you have become. Travelling makes an imprint in your mind and heart. New relationships and experiences make you grow into a more understanding and mature human being. Take all the good and bad of your experience and reflect on the best things you have taken away from it. Be accepting to what has happened and what is yet to happen.