Passport and plane

The Coworking Visa Program at La Vaca

The beginning of a worldwide network

¨The team saw an opportunity¨

Coworking is breaking down barriers with the Coworking Visa Program. It all started in 2013 with a coworking space in Seattle, Washington that noticed resident coworkers often used other spaces while traveling the world. The team saw an opportunity to make traveling between coworkings easier and more cost efficient. That’s when the Coworking Visa was born, an international coworking network that facilitates member exchanges between shared work spaces.

What is the Coworking Visa?

¨Your visa is your proof of membership¨

Essentially, the Coworking Visa program is an agreement between coworking spaces that allow coworkers to use other participating spaces anywhere in the world. If you are a member of a participating coworking space, then you can use another participating space for free up to 3 days. Every coworking space has a different set of rules, regarding days of use and amenities available. It is not the coworker who needs to sign up, but it’s the coworking space that chooses to be part of the network. Over the years, participation has grown and now over  112 participate in 6 continents. Your visa is your proof of membership from a participating space, with this you can unlock a seemingly borderless world of coworking.


Visa Stamp

Breaking down barriers

¨La Vaca Culture¨

La Vaca is a community of coworkers that is invested in creating a genuine experience in Barcelona, for locals and internationals.  Our international community is one of the most important parts of La Vaca culture. As the purpose of La Vaca is not just to work, but to develop new friendships and connections with others. By expanding our community across borders, we expand the network of vaqueros. In return, this intercultural exchange enhances our space. The most notable subgroup that can utilize this benefit the most are of course digital nomads.

¨Travel the world¨

Digital nomads are professionals who work remotely. In other words, they can work from anywhere around the world. As companies become more technologized, more of their employees will work remotely. It was through this development in the workforce, that coworking spaces were born. Therefore, it makes sense that we not only provide a great method of cultural exchange, but satisfy a demand of a growing tribe of workers. So, if you are a digital nomad or are thinking of becoming one, this is the perfect time to start. With the visa program, you can travel and work without the stress of finding a new coworking. This network breaks down barriers and let´s you truly become a global citizen.

Two friends

Why La Vaca?

¨Welcoming, collaborative, and relaxing environment¨

At La Vaca Coworking, we believe in creating a welcoming, collaborative, and relaxing environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and digital nomads from all over the world. On a given day, our coworkers range from all types of nationalities, ages, and industries. It is truly a home base for our international clientele. Therefore, it makes sense that we have joined not one but two Coworking Visa Programs to not only help our resident members easily find a space abroad, but open our doors for those who wish to come. Therefore, as a community and working space, we are able to enhance our space with talented multinational professionals, just by signing up to be part of this global network.

¨Logistics become even more simple¨

A potential vaquero or visiting member, all benefit from collaborating and connecting with a diverse and innovative community. For vaqueros the process is very simple. We are already part of coworking networks therefore as a member you are too. Visit the two visa programs linked above to check for available coworking spaces. We also advise, you contact the coworking spaces to see their rules, regulations, and availability. Make sure to print out a copy of an invoice to prove your membership. All that’s left to do is book the ticket and you are ready to go. Coworking is supposed to ease the stress of working. With the visa program the logistics become even more simple. So what are you waiting for?