6 Tips for Tackling the Big Challenges of Remote Working

Remote working is an upcoming trend in today’s digital world. Several opportunities can rise by doing this at a corporate and personal level. Welcoming the unknown into your live can generate tremendous changes. As people who choose to step into the unknown, there is a sign of braveness and courage that may later be put down by challenges that come up while already working. Don’t worry, there are several ways in which you can tackle this.

Managing Time and Interruptions

“Find a place that you can call your work space”

Moving to a new place, a new city, and practically living a new life can be challenging at times. There is so much to see, so many people to meet. Overall, drastic life changes can bring the most curious side in you. Managing your time can be difficult. Depending on personalities people tend to be either prone to dismiss work and get distracted or there are those who overwork. Those who can’t draw a line between the time they have to work and leisure, become too consumed by stress and pressure.

Tip: Find a place that you can call your working space, therefore you can be more conscious as of when you start to work and when you leave/have completed your work. Look for something that is suitable for you, for instance co-working spaces are great for those who want to network and have a definite workplace for an indefinite time.

How to Keep Communication and Relationships

“Make yourself available”

According to the Harvard Business Review (2017), a study of 1,100 employees found that remote workers feel shunned or left out. When being in a foreign place, communicating with people you care about back home or coworkers who are working in a different place, may be difficult to cope with. Many remote workers feel that communication may form a barrier between what is going on in their main place of work or home.

Have no fear, as long as you keep a constant communication while also demonstrating effort and passion for what you are doing, it will be alright. Remind yourself to speak up your ideas and opinions. Always keep in touch and check in with those who are close to you. Personal relationships, especially those at work are crucial for stability and keeping up a good mental health.

Use face to face contact, make yourself be available and demonstrate that you prioritize relationships.


“Find out new and different activities”

Do you ever feel like there is no line between work and your personal life? Maybe a feeling of loneliness is becoming something predominant in your life? Well, those who work remotely tend to have a tendency to feel alone if they do not manage their time correctly. This is common to experience when living in a new city.

Some steps you can take to avoid this is finding out new and different activities that are of interest to you. Probably those who share your interests will be great companions and friends. Be open to meeting new people and get out of your comfort zone. Speak up and be as friendly as you can. It’s always good to have a friend that you can rely on and trust while being away. Search monthly activities and what fits with your working calendar, maybe even organize small trips during the weekends.

Don t be afraid to be alone, it may be a great opportunity to learn more about yourself. Allow yourself to step into something that is not too comfortable, you may have outstanding experiences and meet new people as well. Find your niche.

Leave Sedentarism

“Acquire an active lifestyle”

A sedentary type of lifestyle may surge as a consequence of what you are experiencing. Remote working can bring up a curious side or it can cause sedentarism. Staying long hours working and not moving too much or not interacting with others as much as it is needed can cause it.

Communication, loneliness and sedentarism go hand in hand with each other. To balance work and your personal life in a healthy way, there is the need to acquire an active lifestyle that involves communicating with others, but also having a resting and peaceful time for yourself.

How can you do this? Working-out works great for some. Taking long walks or finding a yoga studio nearby is another way to distract yourself from stress and avoiding staying in a single place everyday. Try to go out for walks and avoid the elevator. Use the stairs, get a bicycle to move around. Small steps will soon fall into a healthy routine.

Technology Issues?

“Find a suitable space”

Remote working can lead to technology issues, not being able to have good internet or not having a good carrier service. When none of these areas are working as they should, it can be very hard to remain productive, especially if your problems are causing you to take longer getting tasks completed or not at all. Something that might be helpful is to find a space that is suitable for you and your corporate or creative needs.

Finding and becoming member of a co-working space may be useful. This spaces tend to offer their customers a space where they can be confident about working services and also comfort. Each co-working has its own “personality”, look out for one that fits you.

Dealing with Linguistic and Cultural Barriers

“Be curious”

When moving to a new place, language and cultural barriers may come up. It can take some time to adapt if your “new home” is a completely different from the one you are used to.

Don t be afraid to ask, be curious. Try to avoid touristic places and instead search for places that locals enjoy. Immerse yourself to the whole experience. Try new food, dance to local music, make new friends that allow you to learn the culture. Search for creative experiences, and events that are going on around. If you are learning the language, speak with every person you can while you are there. Be receptive to what is going on in your surrounding, above all be respectful while enjoying the differences.