Is Perfectionism an Accomplishment or a Danger

What is perfectionism?

“Social Paradigms”

Perfectionism is the desire to have no flaws and describe anything that is not perfect as unacceptable. In the 21st century this has taken part of our daily lives. Ever since we are at school we are taught what is “acceptable” and we are punished for what is considered “unacceptable”. But what defines one or the other? Social paradigms indicate what is expected from every human being, but maybe too much pressure is what gradually makes us hide the best version of ourselves.

How is it viewed today

“A quality?”

Perfectionism is often viewed as a quality, people even put it on their cv s as if it was an accomplishment. There is a distinction between being detailed oriented, being a good listener and having drive, whereas perfection can be a dangerous word in the workplace. Perfection incites fear, it builds up a feeling of not being enough that eventually creates a stressful atmosphere where people are unable to perform at their full potential.

Impact on the workplace

“Stress, anxiety and fear”

The elements of perfectionism create a domino effect of fear of one’s worthiness. It leads to having fear of not being enough, fear of not being in control, fear of failing and of delegating. All this elements are exactly what should not be embodied in a leader or a group member. The impact that perfectionism has on the workplace does not only affect the quality of work of a person, but it also affects mental health that can lead to physical consequences. As people push themselves too much, stress and anxiety come along. More and more people dislike their jobs and do not see it as something that complements their life but rather an unfulfilling obligatory task. To try and change this outlook, it might be worth people trying to make their job less stressful. For some, a short break might be needed to try and de-stress.

Do we need to be perfect?

“Being different is the new perfect”

What makes you a perfect human being? Every person has their own personality and gives a certain perspective or contribution while working. There is no need to put unachievable standards in a daily basis; there are other ways in which you can motivate yourself to the path of success. For instance, being happy and accepting of who you are brings out a positive energy, which ultimately projects your best qualities at work and at home. Not being perfect is what makes each person have a unique outlook in life, which makes it much more interesting than having common characteristics. Now companies often look for different personalities in order to form a diverse group that includes diverse perspectives.

Being accepting of oneself

“Loving yourself”

Love yourself when you do or say something wrong, love yourself for the little flaws that give you a unique personality, love yourself for not falling into a routine. It is important to have self love in the back of your mind, specially when you are surrounded by an extremely competitive surrounding. Statistics show that trying to achieve perfectionism has negative repercussions in people’s lives. Doing your best while accepting your errors is what will project you to the right direction, leading to success at the workplace.