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Debunking the myths of coworking

The Truth

“It is easy to make false assumptions”

With Coworking being a somewhat new concept to Europe, there is still a lot of uncertainty about it. When something is new and foreign, it is easy to make false assumptions. Otherwise known as the fear of the unknown. The fact of the matter is coworking is this dynamic concept of a shared office space. It’s an oasis of creativity. It’s a safe quiet space to work. It’s a place to network and make unique friends. Coworking has the possibility of being whatever you make it out to be. Don’t let the myths fool you.

Myth #1: Coworking is only for freelancers, entrepreneurs, and startups

“They’re open and welcome to all”

People believe that they can only join a coworking space if they fall under one of the above categories. With this myth there’s also the belief that you must be a “millennial” or “young” to join. Although the definition for young is “having lived for a short time” it’s a subjective word because you’re as young as you feel! Within our own community at La Vaca we have co workers ranging from all ages. This is one of the many unique aspects of coworking spaces. You’ll encounter a broad spectrum of people which adds to the spirit of a space. The diversity in industries, countries, and personalities represented make this environment extremely diverse and accepting. There are no rules when it comes to a coworking space and they’re open and welcome to all. Coworking breaks the mold of a traditional office space, therefore there isn’t any one type of coworker.

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Myth #2: All Coworkings are the same

“Diversity of coworking spaces”

No one person is alike therefore no one coworking space is alike. One thing that’s true is that coworking spaces do try to offer the same amenities in their space. They typically offer kitchen/ coffee areas, large desk spaces, meeting rooms, and other office tools. Regardless, the coworking spaces in Barcelona, in some way, all maintain a minimalistic vibe. What differentiates a space is their location, aesthetic, and community. Being that Barcelona is such a versatile city, you can get a bit of beach, city, and mountainside. Barcelona is also a very worldly city that attracts people from all around the world. This versatility is represented in the diversity of coworking spaces.

Here at La Vaca, there’s a specific aesthetic. It offers tranquil vibes and a versatile space that’s guaranteed to fit everyone’s needs. All spaces are created under a different vision which changes the design. Some maybe more modern and others may be more “homey”. Each space has a unique design, so that a person or company may choose the atmosphere they think will best suit them.

The community in a space varies from coworking to coworking. Each attract different groups of people due to the design, services, and location. Others may cover more social events or others may offer a bigger space. What’s important is to try out different spaces within your host country so that you find which fit your needs best before buying into this myth.

Myth #3: Coworking spaces are too loud

“A quiet relaxing space to work is a priority”

Although socialising and making connections are all big perks of a coworking space you also want to be able to get work done. Many people believe that work and play don’t mix, so a coworking space seems to be unproductive, but that is false. Coworking spaces offer multiple spaces and rooms where you can find your zone. Like in La Vaca, there are large common spaces, along with multiple insulated rooms where you can get on a phone call or find extreme silence. So rest assured you’re not getting yourself into a space where you are constantly surrounded by noisy brainstorming sessions.

Regardless, a pro tip is to always bring your headphones. Headphones is a universal sign for “I don’t want to converse right now” or “I’m busy/ in my zone”. A key part of a coworking space is to cater to any need you may have: a quiet relaxing space to work is a priority. Generally, everyone is on the same page. The main objective of this space is to work, socialising comes second. So, this myth can be easily debunked.

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Give it a go!

“Test them out and then pick your favorite!”

With the coworking trend on the rise there are sure to be more myths that come along with it. One tip is to be open-minded when it comes to change and especially when trying a new coworking space. A coworking space, like people, have their own personalities. It can be considered a “living” space because they’re constantly changing and growing. After debunking these myths you should feel more confident about either your choice in joining a coworking space or the choice you’ve already made in being part of one. Also remember, you can always do a day pass to test them out and then pick your favourite! Spread the word about how amazing coworking spaces are and help debunk myths about these lively spaces.