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7 reasons why you should try a Coworking Space

Oh, hello! So your curiosity brought you here! I’m glad. Then you are looking for to work in a Coworking Space, isn’t it? Let me tell you why starting to going to a Coworking will boost your career.

Let’s say that traditional offices are no longer able to satisfy the needs and expectations of new groups of workers, entrepreneurs, small companies, startups, and freelancers. What new professionals need and want is a completely new type of working place where flexibility and comfort come first. A Coworking is a place where you share and collaborate, a place where you develop your own professional projects and can simultaneously take part in joint projects, find new partnerships, and enjoy working in a community!

Well, welcome to the world of Coworking!

Coworking spaces are all different, each one with its own personality, philosophy and soul! When choosing a Coworking Space you know you’ll connect with people, improve yourself, and your projects. It’s more than a place for working, it’s a place where you want to go when you wake up every morning. A spot that inspires you, that motivates, and entertains you. All at the same time!

It seems like a freaking great way of thinking, isn’t it? Not convinced?

Here I give you 7 reasons why you should work in a Coworking

1. It’s affordable and so convenient!

Normal rent in the city center can be expensive. In addition you have to pay for bills, taxes, furniture, etc. But, a coworking office is furnished and generally well equipped. I would say that they offer all the services you need for your business: Wi-Fi, printers, scanners, lockers, cafeterias, meeting rooms, Skype rooms and much more depending on which place you go to. There are so many options that you’re sure to find the one that fits you the most. Maybe you need a fixed space or a desk for two weeks per month or one day from time to time, everything is possible because a word that can well define a coworking space is flexibility.

Obviously, it’s more expensive than stealing Wi-Fi from a coffee shop, but working in a coworking office is necessary when you’re trying to be professional. You need access to equipment at all times, whether that be a shredder or a printer, so that you’re not always rushing around to different places trying to find the equipment you need. In a coworking office, you’ll spend less time going from place to place for equipment, and more time actually working, which is much more professional.

2. Events and training courses

As I said before, a coworking is not just a place where you go to work, it’s a place where you share and socialise. Coworkings are living communities, where you can find training workshops and conferences about different topics (marketing, entrepreneurship, innovation, startups, and much more). They also organize debates, interviews, work presentation trainings, and many things that can help you with your own projects.

Events are a big part of a coworking. There are professional events and social events that make these coworkings even more attractive! Brunches, yoga classes, after-works, art expo…anything that can be celebrated!

3. Meet people and Network!

You will boost your network really fast!

Advantages to work in a coworking space

You’ll see that coworkings form an ecosystem of people and companies which can be incredibly diverse. You’ll meet up with photographers, web marketers, lawyers, video editors or graphic-artists, potential clients, suppliers or even business partners. You never know whom you’ll meet and might be able to collaborate with.

You will always find help when you need it. It means you are NOT ALONE! Coworkings gather the best minds and experts in many fields, so when the networking is done, you’ll easily approach your expert friends for help, advice or inspiration.

4. Surround yourself with positivity and effectiveness

You will find everything that you need for your business in a coworking space but let me tell you that it will bring you much more. Starting a company is freaking hard and you generally put your mind and body in your projects. There will be doubts, late nights working, and pressure but that’s how you create a company. But when you are surrounded with smart, hard-working, and dedicated people, everything becomes more endurable and clear because you know that although it is your business, you are not alone! With their own experience, people will help you and then you might be able to help someone else, that’s why working in a coworking has lots of benefits!

Just by not being alone, you feel happier and more inspired. Working alone on your sofa or in a coffee shop is not the best way to work because isolation can affect your mood and your efficiency. Instead, working in a coworking environment will cover your social needs, and allow you to connect with awesome people who have the same lifestyle as you. You’ll still get all the perks of working in an office, like an office coffee station and free wifi, but it’ll also be more informal and therefore it will make your day more fun and effective.

5. Reduce uncertainty

If you are working remotely, you have to find a place where you can work because we all know that home is not an everyday office! So every day you have to look for the perfect coffee shop where you have the space to work with your laptop. The problem is you never know if it is going to be too crowded or too loud, if there’re will be space, Internet …and that is frustrating. You can’t make calls from a loud place or work properly with a tiny space in a bar. Coworkings give you your own space and usually offer both Skype and conference rooms for you to use, free printing and other advantages depending on the place, like free coffee or food, for example. Uncertainty is stressful and tiring, it makes you lose time and that’s why working in a Coworking brings stability. That’s what leads us to the next point; coworkings reduces uncertainty and allows you to have a better work-life balance, which is really important!

6. Separate work from home

Working from home 24/7 is not healthy! You know that at one point you’ll have to disconnect but if work and home are the same place it becomes impossible! It’s bad for you, for your business, for your family, it is BAD! Also, you can get easily distracted (TV and bed) and lose time and efficiency. Your home must be the place where you live, relax and enjoy your family. It is the place where you are available for others (family, friends) and for you!

Separating these two parts of your life, by working in a Coworking will allow you to improve your effectiveness and the coworking environment will offer you so much positivity and energy that you’ll want to adopt the lifestyle!
It will help you work in comfort. As I said you’ll find everything you need (kitchen, lockers, printers and much more) Including things you are not expecting like a rooftop where you can work or chill or a sofa corner with a TV, PlayStation, Netflix, a place where you’ll be able to practice a sport or yoga, hammocks, anything! It depends on the imagination of the coworking you’re going to! It’s safe and will surely be cheaper than buying 3 Starbucks everyday!

7. Travel all over the world

If you choose the Coworking lifestyle, you’ll see that it is really easy to travel the world because you’ll be able to find Coworking Spaces in every corner of the world! So we could say that you are becoming a real Digital Nomad! You work where you want, and you connect with people anywhere you go!

Working in a Coworking is a great solution and could be the one option you never thought about! The labour market has been changing a lot and will keep on changing, becoming more and more virtual, moving away from the traditional work office. And Coworkings are definitely the new places to work! Trust me, you need to give it a try!

The labor landscape and market is constantly changing and will continue to keep shifting. The movement away from the traditional office space is a trend that has steadily been on the rise. Who wouldn’t want to be able to travel the world and always have a reliable, convenient, and affordable place to work with a positive ambience? Focus, create, and innovate. Coworking is a space that you choose for work but you stay for the community. Ready to give Coworking a try but not sure if you’ll like the space? Want advice or are you looking for answers for your next project? Come in for a free trial and learn more about our plans at La Vaca Coworking.