Is Coworking The Future of Work?

Origins of the Coworking Phenomenon

In the last thirteen years the term Coworking has become part of our everyday vocabulary. Consequently, the idea that this seemingly simple word brings with it is rapidly revolutionizing the world of work.

But where does Coworking come from?

In 2005 an American computer scientist named Bred Neuberg was unhappy about his work.
When he finally decided to start over, he invested in his dreams.
In a matter of short time, he created a space available to the workers community. Anyone who needed it, could benefit from it.
The first space that Bred Neuberg dedicated to his Coworking was called “Spiral Muse Space” in San Francisco, California.
Twice a week, this place hosted workstations that could be dismantled at the end of the day to prepare it for other activities.
Coworking indicates a context in which two or more people work together even if they don’t belong to the same company.

A strong concept of “Social Innovation

Behind the meaning of the term, there’s a concept of real social innovation that involves many aspects of our lives.
We’re all now experiencing the Sharing Age par excellence: images, moments, photos, food, friendships, travels.
Everything is shareable, everything thickens our personal network of knowledge, everything is information.
It’s so easy for us to know what’s happening on the other side of the world. We can constantly be up-to-date and connected with things that aren’t closely related to our lives. 
More frequently we use our time discovering new activities, stories, contacts and in doing so we’re part of a very large puzzle. This puzzle has become increasingly interesting and complex.

Change of working habits throughout history

Analysing the history of work over the decades, we see a strong change of meaning in the work being done. There’s a growing desire for people aiming to build something original and personal, according to their passions and interests.
If we look at the web data, we find that in the past, independent workers, were not too common. In fact, the main goal of most young people was to find a job in which they could grow and stay until retirement.
Workers offered their qualities to a company, and tried to do their best, in order to gain trust and earn more.

The Rise of a New workforce  

Today, however, there are even more people who choose to work in an independent way. This phenomenon is taking place all over the world. In European countries, like Spain, this kind of worker represents a large part of society.
In America, Freelancers Union estimates that by 2027, more than 50% of the workforce will be composed of freelancers. Coworking has become an interesting solution. It brings with it many advantages for this category of worker. 

What workers will increasingly need will be a creative, useful, and easy way to use a space. A space where they can work and meet people with different talents and skills to broaden their knowledge and ideas. 
There are significant positive things regarding the ​​Brad Neuberg idea. In economic terms, the costs of management and maintenance of offices are reduced because they’re clearly divided among all those who use the same spaces.Coworkers meeting in La vaca Coworking Chilling Area


Coworking as a solution for the Fear of Missing Out (FOMO) and Digital Nomads

Another interesting thing is that Coworking helps people reduce the isolation that often accompanies independent workers, avoiding the fear of missing out. In fact, freelancers often work from home, spending many hours a day in their homes, without interacting with anyone else.
With a welcoming and comfortable place, worker’s social interactions can be encouraged, which can strongly improve the final work quality.

Moreover, the Coworking spaces are very useful for those who often travel and don’t have an internet connection or a desk to work well, like Digital Nomads. In this case, instead of having to settle in bars or restaurants for working, these 2.0 Backpackers can have a suitable place to optimally perform their tasks.
So, work can be the means by which freelancers will be able to make new acquaintances and share ideas with people coming from totally different environments.

You can Work when you want

Finally, a really important concept deals with the Coworking timing.
The rule is very simple: most of the Coworking spaces remain open 24/7 and this way, they guarantee full and personal management of workers time.
People can choose when to go to work and how much time they will dedicate to their projects: this way, the productivity increases and the quality of the work produced by the workers improves along with their satisfaction.

Sharing and interpersonal relationships assume great importance

To sum it all up, Coworking allows all workers to always have a comfortable and available office. In turn, it reduces costs and above all, it encourages the growth of knowledge and ideas.
Finally, Coworking doesn’t limit the freedom of action. Independent workers are not hindered because they’re ensured independence to choose everything about work. 

 Clearly, Coworking is going to be a new way of looking at things, and it’s very far from the traditional methods of work but perfectly in line with the times we are experiencing.
Technological progress is unstoppable, our society is continuously changing.
People therefore need to change the way they think about their surroundings.
Sharing and interpersonal relationships hold great importance because together they unite and foster the exchange of ideas amongst people and creativity that comes along with it. 

A more scientific interpretation could be to think of Coworking as the natural evolution of work. The time period in which we’re living in guides these needs. 
So, the deep meaning of Coworking comes back to life, with its inestimable value: work changes with time, adapts, and reflects people.

It would be pointless to think about the future without taking into consideration the ingredients that will shape it.
Coworking is something brilliant created by our century, it’s able to bring together talented and totally different people.
Biologically, it is well known that sharing is an atavistic characteristic of man. Centuries of social difficulties have seen individualism and hierarchies take power over the community. The most recent period has seen the return of the correct importance.
 We can safely assume that Coworking for many of us is the work of the present.  We’re eager to learn and share more ideas with future Coworkers.