Bright office space with paintings and chairs

Benefits of Art in the Workspace

To introduce our third temporary art exhibition in collaboration with Artok Gallery , we thought it would be interesting to talk about the benefits of art in the workspace and why it is becoming such a trend.

Researches on the psychology of space and the effects of the work environment on workers have shown that the presence of artwork and well-designed offices have a positive impact on productivity, creativity, and health. It will be interesting to see how office spaces, coworkers, and artists benefit from this new movement.

So let’s start right at the start.

1 – Who is Artok Gallery?

In Summer 2020, started a new creative partnership with Artok Gallery, four our third Temporary Expo at the coworking. With this exhibition, our goal is to promote Art in the workspace as an opening on culture for our members and to become an alternative stage for emergent artists. If you want to know more about it, have a look at our previous temporary exhibition.

Artok Gallery was originally born in Columbia in 2012 and is now present in several countries in South America and Europe. They are passionate and aim to spread art and culture in the world, supporting and representing 17 international artists.

If you want art to be seen, if you want art to be discovered you need to also spread it outside of the museums and art galleries. Artok understood it. Bringing art to people in original locations, unique venues such as coworking spaces, event halls, design studios, where you will be able to catch new eyes.

Artok says: “Art is the language of the world” and everyone should have access to it. Art benefits us all. It is therapy for some people. A passion. A professional activity. A powerful tool of expression and design. An inspiring way of discovering the world’s cultures and history.

2 – Art in office spaces to increase productivity and creativity

Artwork in the office boosts creativity

Decorations, colours, and eye-catching artefacts in the work environment are still sometimes considered distracting for workers. So, in terms of art, it’s a purely company based decision as to whether they want to add more colour to the premises. On the opposite side, Doctor C.Knight, who studied the psychology of the working environment at the University of Exeter, says: “If you enrich a space people feel much happier and work better; a very good way of doing this is by using art“.

Nowadays, almost every job offer will ask for creative candidates, and this does not only apply to creative jobs. So now tell me. How can we ask people to be creative and inspired in a sterile work environment?

The rise of creative spaces such as coworking and ultra design-focused offices is not a surprise. Freelancers that have the chance to choose their workplace are not only looking for a coworking space close to their house but a place where they can boost their creativity, be productive and comfortable. In his study, Knight found that: “people who worked in the enriched office worked about 15% quicker than those in the lean office and had fewer health complaints”. Kristie brewer wrote an interesting article for The Guardian using London Deutsche Bank’s example.

Artistic collaboration to enhance the office space

Artwork in the workspace is indeed a great way to enhance the office atmosphere, and boost coworkers creativity by giving a new shot of energy in the space. The walls of our coworking for example are changing every 3 months, hosting a new temporary art exhibition.

Victor Lipman Founder of Howling Wolf Management Training, LLC, gave an interesting point of view about the final objective of fine art in the workplace. You can read the article here. He is not saying that art does not help reduce stress, boost creativity, etc.

He quotes Andre Smith:

“The purpose of fine art is for aesthetics, or beautifying the space. Having culture in the workplace can improve workplace culture itself… It leaves a lasting impression both on the employees who see it day after day, and on clients who visit either once or frequently. Art is important in the branding of a company’s image as well as creating a pleasant and inspiring environment.”

Lipman agrees and added that coworkers’ pride in their work environment is the final purpose of art in the office space. He says: “Pride motivates. And that’s good business“. Currently, this is where coworking spaces are competing. Who has the coolest office, the most epic design and furniture, in addition to the best services, and community.

Promote art and culture in the office

In addition to boosting productivity and aesthetics, bringing art in the coworking through artistic collaborations allows us to promote culture, supporting local and international emergent artists.

Art is a strong pillar of our world as it is the reflection of society, social backgrounds, political messages, aesthetic movements, etc. Barcelona is a thriving nest for culture, artists and creators. We wanted to share this passion with our community. We give our coworkers access to art and culture in the workspace.

3 – The artists exhibiting for this current collaboration

For this third exhibition at La Vaca Coworking, Artok Gallery selected four artists from their community.

Isabela Rodríguez (Venezuela)

Large painting by isabela rodriguez

She paints inspiring abstracts using a particular technique consisting of applying acrylic paint with a wet cloth to the canvas. Her works open dialogue between colour and matter, getting rid of what she calls the “ephemeral idols of beauty”. Isabela studied at the Faculty of Fine Arts at the University of Barcelona and is currently living and working in Madrid.

Anshul Mudnani (India/Mexico)

Large painting by anshul mundani representing aloes on a red back ground

Anshul’s paintings are strongly influenced by his childhood. The colours of his palette, the representation of nature in his work, inspired by the wildlife reserve where he grew up in the South of India. Ten years ago, Anshul emigrated to Mexico where once again, the colours and the culture reflected in his work. Expressionist character, he represents emotions through figurative and erotic themes.

Oneire Mora (Venezuela)

Painting by oneire mora representing barcelona with a view on La sagrada familia

Oneire has been exhibiting in Venezuela, Belgium, France, Spain and New York. We are hosting five of his paintings in the coworking, from two different collections. An artist with his own style of interlaced lines, also passionate about landscapes with paintings inspired by European Architecture. His artwork is mainly characterised by texture and details that give a lot of depth and an impression of movement to his work.

Daniel Grita (Portugal)

Painting by daniel grita representing a metro with open doors

He started his artistic journey as a graffiti artist, discipline that he still practices. It is after moving to Rotterdam that he expanded his research in other artistic fields with acrylic painting and plastic art. The Netherland strongly influenced his inspiration, leading him to perform realistic paintings of train stations and subway scenes.

If you are curious, you are more than welcome to come and visit La Vaca ! Shoot us an email or visit our Home Page!