New Temporary Expo at La Vaca with Esteban Uribe

La Vaca Coworking 

June – August 2020

New temporary exhibition at La vaca in collaboration with Esteban Uribe. 

Since day 1, La Vaca has always been a place where art and creativity have flown. It is following this interesting dynamic that space has evolved. The Coworking world, digital workers, sharing a place and a lifestyle opening up to the artistic world with creators, artists expressing themselves through their works. 

Art, fitness and Community, those are our three main pillars. The Expo Temporal became part of our identity and our walls naturally became a place of expression. From our passion for the arts was also born the Afterwork Artístco. It is a monthly event where we open our doors and share our own interpretation of the concept of afterwork party, offering an alternative stage for local and international emerging artists to perform and share their work. 

We believe that coworkings are more than just shared offices. They are places where people come to  be inspired, to socialize, share and grow. 

1- What is the “Expo Temporal” 

Painting, photography, lettering, collage, installation… 

Our temporary exhibition  is open to all artistic disciplines and creative ideas. For a period of three months, we want to offer the possibility to local and international emerging artists to show their work in an alternative space. Our idea behind this is to promote Art, share it with the general public, curious, enthusiasts and offer visibility to talented artists based in Barcelona. We already collaborated with Alvaro Rodriguez (photographer, Spain), Panos Antonopoulos (contemporary artist, conceptual art, Greece), Mariano Colombarini aka Kiframe (visual art artist, Argentina), Marcos Colombarini (contemporary artist, minimal art, Argentina), Yaci Verón (analogue collage, digital design, Argentina) and Josefina Nazario (mural, abstract art, Argentina).

We believe that diversity is a strength and wish to give equal opportunities to all creative minds. Our coworking space is a place where people get inspired to grow personally and professionally. A temporary exhibition instead of permanent artwork, to impulse creativity a and boost the energy inside the space. If your work fits our vision and project, La Vaca would be more than happy to exhibit your works. Feel free to get in touch with us at 

2-  Esteban Uribe, artist 

For this second exhibition in the coworking, we have the pleasure to collaborate with Esteban Uribe, emerging artist from Buenos Aires, Argentina, based in Barcelona. Esteban is a self-taught experimental visual artist. He is the author of more than 400 pieces and exhibited in more than 20 galleries, biennials and museums such as Álvaro Noboa Museum, Cultural Centre of Simon Bolivar, Nahim Isaias Museum, Cultural Centre of Machala. 

Esteban Uribe show us his art

Since his childhood he expressed an interest in the arts, music, poetry painting, and developed his technique through his travels and experiences. 

The current exhibition we are hosting at the coworking, Los mandamientos de la mancha (“the commandments of the stain”) is presenting seven of his paintings. Esteban likes to play with the materials, their density, colours and shapes. In his works, he creates, combines and distorts the elements by creating reactions when combined with water or chemical products such as oils and alcohol. The sublimation of the matter in its most abstract form, to create patterns. Esteban says: “The purpose of my art is to reach a controlled and organised expression. Without brushing the canvas, it is only through movements and patience of a proper drying, that we will find forms, movements and patterns.”

You can see more of his work at

3- Experimental art and fusion 

The encounter of artistic disciplines and the fusion of worlds apart. La Vaca has always expressed her passion and curiosity for the arts. We are creators and spectators at the same time. It is through our experiences, travels and artistic confrontations that the space has evolved. A coworking space during the day, hosting a community of entrepreneurs that we twice fully transformed into a theatre for one night. Ten artists (dancers, tailors, musicians, 3D developers…) that collaborated, sometimes combined their projects and adapted their work to our space dimensions in less than six hours of a single rehearsal. We created a dynamic artistic project, unique with a singular result. A new dimension where the coworking world merged with the artistic world. An incredible experiment.  

Self-taught artist, Esteban Uribe has been experimenting, combining techniques and artistic disciplines in his works. In 2010, he participated in the F.A.A.L (Open Air Arts Festival in Ecuador), which led him to initiate a combined exercise of poetic writing and surreal automatism movement, “a method of artistic creation in which the artist suppresses conscious control over the creation process” (definition by In less than two years, he created more than 400 pictorial works, incorporating live painting as growth tools

“Los mandamientos de la mancha”, a project that the artist characterizes as experimental chemistry. Pursuing this idea, Esteban started an audiovisual project exploring the fusions of painting and culinary art: “la cocina del arte. The project is described as a tribute to his family and gastronomic history. The idea gave birth to a YouTube channel where he shares his experiments and techniques regarding his creative process. 

“Art is not what you see, but what you make others see.” – Edgar Degas