A place with a lot of plants for your office

Why you need houseplants in your life

Offices are turning green. Plants can indeed turn the most boring space into a real oasis of wellness and productivity. Choosing to add plants in your interior has many benefits, at home like at the office.

1 – Houseplants help purify the air

Indoor plants are a great natural air purifier. In their research, NASA revealed that in 24 hours, interior plants can remove more than 85% of air toxins. Plants are our perfect combo. Indeed, as we, human beings, produce CO2 when breathing, houseplants on the other side release oxygen in the air through the process of photosynthesis. Cleaner air will logically have a positive impact on your health. Houseplants also act like a natural moisturizer, it will help decrease the risk of dry cough or sore throat.

2 – Interior plants are good for your mental health

When you are looking for a coworking space, one of the first things you will naturally pay attention to is the natural light and the plants inside the workspace. Houseplants have been proven to be good for the mood. They help reduce stress, increase productivity, and boost creativity!

At the office, plants always give a sensation of freshness and comfort. Being around nature will improve your concentration and productivity. According to a study conducted by the University of Michigan, having plants at the office can help increase your “memory retention” up to 20% and the Texas A&M University has shown in their research that adding plants inside the office will improve concentration, boost creativity and increase the problem-solving process.

3- Houseplants are our best ally when creating amazing workspaces

this photo shows how housplants can be a great ally when it comes in terms of home design

When it comes to designing open spaces such as coworkings, plants are really useful to create comfortable and welcoming offices. In addition to the visual effect that interior plants bring, colours and liveliness, they are useful to separate areas and create different atmospheres in the space. Last but not the least, indoor plants also help reduce noise and echo inside as their leaves absorb noises and vibrations.

4- You don’t need a green thumb to have plants

You don't need to buy expensive plants in order to get beautiful ones

Having a green thumb helps when you want to grow a garden or have sensitive plants in your house but really, plants are easy kids to take care of. You just need to choose the right plants for you. Your selection will start with plants that are literally hard to kill! You can begin with cacti and succulents. They will survive in the worst conditions and cacti could even surprise you with flowers. But if there is one rule you need to follow, it is this one: don’t overwater your plants. You will preferably let the earth dry before pouring water again. Too much water will kill the plants because stagnant water at the bottom of the flowerpot will make the roots rot.

5 – Plants don’t need to be expensive.

With time and patience, your small plants will grow bigger. Also, instead of buying plants, you can take cuttings of the plants you already have or from a friend’s plant to propagate them. Growing plants is a very rewarding process that you won’t regret. If it doesn’t work all the time, don’t give up and try again! Succulents for example are very easy plants to propagate.

When you live in the city, it is sometimes hard to connect with nature, this is why interior plants are so important. After the confinement caused by the current global pandemic, we have been completely separated from nature, “this disconnection with nature literally devitalise us: we are losing life” Elsa Punset. In an interview with ElPais, the philosopher shares her interesting philosophy about rebalancing.