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What a Remote Worker really needs to work and travel at the same time!

The future of remote work looks like a bright one. More companies are letting their employees work from wherever they like. More technology is available to help keep them productive. Living a digital nomad life, travelling and working around the world at the same time is something amazing, but if you don’t want to feel stressed with your job while traveling so you have to use some habits and some tools that help stay productive and balanced while traveling .

You can face problems that appear to be minor if you’re working from your office, but when you’re working remotely even the tiniest problem can become a major logistic issue.

Thankfully if you are organised and if you’ve got the good tools to help yourself during your journey, then everything is going to be alright and the work will be done efficiently! The secret is to set the perfect work-life balance while traveling.

Worker focused for achieve a better work-life balance

So lets list some things you need to be a “pro Digital Nomad:

1.A Good Laptop:

A digital nomad is nothing without his computer because, that is his principal working tool. Forgetting your computer is unthinkable for a Nomad Worker, but having an outdated one is not a better option either. Your computer is really important so you have to know the type of laptop that will suit you according to your lifestyle.

What do you need your laptop for? Are you travelling? Do you need to save large files? Are you editing on heavy softwares or just writing? These are the main things you have to consider when you are buying a laptop adapted to your working style:

Price: The price is always the first thing we look before buying anything else, and it’s normal. The basic thing to understand is that if you’re not working online, you won’t need to spend more than €1000 for your travelling laptop. A mid-range laptop would be perfect for you.

Storage: Lack of storage in your computer is often a problem! Even more when you’re travelling and you know that you will have to save thousands of photos and videos. Be always sure to have a large hard drive space or a good external hard disk that won’t let you down in the middle of your adventure. Whilst having an external hard drive has helped so many people to safely store their important documents, files, and photos, there is always a possibility of something happening to your device. Whilst this doesn’t happen to everyone, it’s important to understand risks like this before choosing the right external hard drive for you.

Nowadays you also have the option of cloud drives that you can access with any computer (iCloud, Google Docs, Dropbox and many more) that will cost you about €10 a month. The external drive and the cloud drive are by the way the best solution to save your content in case your laptop lets you down or if it gets stolen! You never know! .

Portability: Portability is an essential feature that you have to take into account. While travelling, it will make all the difference. A laptop can weight up to three kilos, so three more kilos inside your backpack.

Choosing the right laptop might help you avoid you some pain! If you’re a big traveller going from town to town, moving very often, you should look for something highly portable that as a consequence will be cheaper and take up less storage space. But be careful, the choice of your laptop must be in correlation with your job style.

Battery life: If you are a nomad, going on a trip every two days or going to some places where you won’t be able to access source of electricity to charge your laptop, your battery life represents the amount of time you will be able to work! When you are working remotely while travelling, saving battery is going to be your everyday challenge. That’s why in addition to your internal battery life quality you should invest into a powerful portable battery for laptops.

2. A Good Phone:

As a digital nomad your work is based on one thing, internet connection. Connection with your laptop, with your clients, with employers, with your workmates. The latest smartphones can now be considered as mini laptops, a tool where you can access your mail, your task manager, Internet pages, etc.

That’s why it’s preferable to buy an unlocked phone (GSM) to be able to contract any phone company from any country. It can be expensive to pay the smartphone unlocking but when you have bought one crappy phone in every country you’ve been able to see that unlocking your powerful smartphone is worth the price.

3. A Good Selection of Tools:

So to work remotely, you need a good laptop, a good phone, you always have to carry your cables and portable chargers but you also need a bunch of good tools that help you organise your work life balance and increase your productivity.

Travel planning:

  • Nomad list and Teleport: The pages comparing different locations’ cost of living, safety, weather, the best period to visit. Information that will help you to choose your next working destination.
  • Hitlist: It will help you find cheap flights suiting to your budget and preferences.
  • Work from and Work hard anywhere: Once you arrive in your nomad destination, you’ll need to find a place to work. To find a good place as a remote worker can be a real loss of time. These apps will help you find the right café with suitable Wi-Fi or even better a Coworking Space near you.

4. A Task manager:

As we already said many times, a good Digital Nomad need to stay productive so a good task manager is fundamental for your work life balance

Trello, Todoist and Asana: These are good task and project managers! They will help you organise and prioritise your work in order to be more productive.

– Dropbox and Google Drive: You’ll need storage and these two platform are great! They’ll allow you not just to store but to share your files and as a digital nomad, it’s really important.

Evernote: This is a nice app that you use for storing ideas, writing notes, saving audio and videos.

use trello for improve you productivity while travel and work

Other Useful Tools for Nomad Workers

  • Pocket: Save articles, videos and stories to read them whenever you want.
  • Wetransfer: It’s a really easy and useful way to send and share your files from everywhere. You can share documents up to 2GB for free.
  • Dashlane: A good tool for a digital nomad! When you are working on many platforms, it is not easy to remember all your passwords so Dashlane will become your password administrator.
  • StayFocusd and Toggl: Time trackers. They will help you manage your time and work more effectively.
  • Toshl and Billy: Your budget and expense trackers! Useful and intuitive, they are really good tools to keep a track on your money flow! And Billy will also help you to keep an eye on all your subscriptions (Spotify, Netflix) in a really simple way!

How to connect with Nomads community

  • Meetup: The app that connect people interested in the same things in the same area! Is an useful app for network. Ypu can find a lot of occasions to meet new people: Events, activities, after works, dance lessons, everything!
  • Nomad list: This app lists the best cities from where to work and live for digital nomads all around the world.
  • Coworkings: If you want to work in nice places with like minded-people, coworkings are a good place to start with. You’ll find them everywhere, and they often organise many events where you can connect with people make new friends and new partnerships.

Those are some tips we want to give you in order to be a pro digital nomad! Than you will find many more tips, apps and tools around the web. You only need to find the ones that fit you, your work and your lifestyle. They will help you organise your work and gain time! When you are working remotely you spend most of the time on your screen and you have to think about everything, you have nobody with you to supervise your work and telling you what to do and when to do it. That’s why having a work life really balanced and stay focused at the right moment for the right work will change your life. No need to bring a notebook or a binder with you, everything is accessible on your devices.