Footwear Developer/ Account Manager at L'Intervalle Shoes

A self-proclaimed hedonist and art enthusiast, Giselle (known to everyone as Gigi) was born in Guatemala to a Guatemalan father and a Canadian mother. At 18, she left to live in Montreal for 9 years, where she started off as a cultural journalist and somehow ended up in the fashion industry. Exhausted of the cold and a bit sick of having maple syrup with everything, she convinced her boss to send her to Spain to work, and now she lives in Barcelona where she works as a Footwear Developer and Account Manager for an independent shoe brand called L’Intervalle. She’s a big fan of French cinema, the Bauhaus movement, Garage Rock and of course, dirty reggaeton (you can take the girl out of Guatemala, but you can’t take Guatemala out of the girl). She has a soft-boiled egg every morning, reads too much Vonnegut for her own good, and tries to not take life too seriously.