Former Digital Nomad, now Co-Founder at la Vaca Coworking. Enjoying the creation of this relaxed workspace in my beloved Barcelona. Being part of a creative community, it’s just a continuous and exciting discovery about how much you can learn from People.

Skilled in Project Management, Communication, Digital Marketing Strategies, Coaching, Finance, Events, Cryptocurrencies.

Curious, listener, moody and meticulous. Inspired from energetic and positive folk. Nature enthusiastic. Love to work from the beach.

Napoli Football team supporter


About us

A big former dairy. In Barcelona city center. District of Poble Sec. People used to buy fresh milk there. And cream on Sundays. Turned into a laid back coworking. An oasis of creative chaos. Work, chill, and fun. Flowing around an open space. Where you can focus. Get your things done. Create your projects. Have a meeting. Read a travel magazine. Or watch a movie. Feel like at home. Get a nap. Listen to some funky music. Have a beer. Make friends. First.

Carrer de la Creu dels Molers, 19 08004, Barcelona, Spain h. 9am – 8 pm

One of the oldest districts of Barcelona, El Poble Sec still has got a lot to discover. Between Paralelo and Montjuic connected by the green metro line (Poble Sec stop). Our coworking is located right at the beginning of carrer Blai, popular street among the lovers of the tapeo "pintxos style".


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