Blockchain and Cryptos Conference in a Barcelona Coworking

La Vaca Coworking hosts Blockchain Unchained Meetup in Barcelona

As Cryptocurrencies enthusiasts and Blockchain supporters, here in La Vaca we must host a Conference regarding this fascinating and complicated world. Therefore, Thursday 14th June at 7 PM La Vaca Coworking will be hosting Blockchain Unchained Meetup.  It’s an Event powered by SwissBorg a Swiss Wealth Management Platform for Cryptos based on Blockchain.

Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies an Event in La Vaca Coworking in Barcelona

What can Blockchain offer?

Blockchain Unchained aims to make blockchain technology accessible and comprehensible to the general public. One of their goals is to raise awareness about the use of this new technology in a myriad of businesses. Aiming to bridge the off and on-chain worlds, Blockchain Unchained wants to unlock the mystery of blockchain. They want to expose the vast promise and potential it has for future projects.

The entire theme of the Conference is based around “EDUTAINMENT”. A mix of Education and Entertainment. As a result, some of the top blockchain experts will EDUCATE and ENTERTAIN us. There’ll be fun quizzes and prizes to win goods, drinks, and so on.

As a Coworking that supports Blockchain technology, we are pleased to host this important Event in Barcelona about the World of Cryptos and we invite you to participate by signing up with the meetup event. Another reminder is that this event is totally free. Finally, don’t wait until the last minute because there are a limited number of seats. You confirm your attendance through the meet up event page.