The future of travel, the pandemic reshaping the world

Tick-Tock, Tick-Tock, when will things get better? Back to “normal”? How are we going to travel with the pandemic ?

Many questions and doubts about the uncertainty generated by the pandemic. Backpackers, Digital Nomads, travels are not over, they will simply be different.

More Sustainable Travels 

Steve Brock from National Geographic gave interesting insights about the future of travel habits. Travels will hopefully be more sustainable, putting first the world’s health over margins. Travellers might orient themselves towards green hotels, eco spaces when it comes to choosing accommodations for example.

Better impact of Nomad Workers and Travellers on Local Communities

Travellers will be more conscious about local communities, supporting local businesses, avoiding mass tourism negatively impacting local economies and natural sites. 

Local travels

Local travel will surely increase. It will be safer, and more predictable. Discovering local areas, choosing destinations closer to your home isn’t lesser than worldwide travels. Everyone knows this Parisian friend that has never seen the Eiffel Tower, the San Francisco homie that never crossed the bridge. Different journeys and so many places to discover around us. The increase in local tourism is a very positive thing. Shorter distances, the use of trains over planes, reducing carbon impact.

Complex and exciting travel planning 

Planning travel will definitely be more complicated but also more exciting! We may have gotten too used to have everything served on a silver platter. A last-minute weekend in Portugal, one week all-inclusive deal in New York City, Christmas Holidays under the sun of Thailand, etc. A travel always starts with the selection of the itinerary. We will need to gather more information on the local areas, regulations, places to see in order to determine the route

Understanding the concept of Location-Independent 

Being a location-independent worker has often been interpreted as being a digital nomad, travelling from the most remote and exotic places on earth. Yes, it is partly true. But location-independence at first means not being attached to an office, working with digital technologies. Nomad workers also have a responsibility in spreading a good mentality when travelling and discovering new places. It is important to understand that remoters have a strong impact on local economies, transforming some places into nomad hubs, turning small villages into fast and unhealthy touristic destinations.

Anyway, it is still allowed to dream, to make plans but don’t get too frustrated, everything is changing so fast. We need to be patient and focus on what we can control. As for now, we all are stuck at home. Let’s travel through some of the coolest Coworking spaces around the world in this article, that we hope to be able to visit in the future.