Focus: Eoin Dobbin, a Fitness Coach and Extreme Sport Enthusiast

Focus: Eoin Dobbin, a Fitness Coach and Extreme Sport Enthusiast

  • 30/08/2021

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So, let’s focus on our man now. Keep your seat belt fastened because some crazy things are happening here! Adventurer and record seeker. Our coworker Eoin will cross the Atlantic Ocean on a rowing boat and set a World First Record. Let’s hear his story!

Athlete and entrepreneur, the mindset of a goal achiever 

Let’s start with an introduction. Who is Eoin Dobbin? 

First of all, from a professional point of view, Eoin is a fitness coach and athlete from Ireland. He was born in 1994 (you’ll make the calculation). In 2020, he first moved to Barcelona for three months. He fell in love with the city and decided to return to put down roots for the next couple of years as he works towards some big life goals.

Performance-driven entrepreneur and athlete 

However, who really is Eoin? He is extremely passionate about performance, challenge and pushing his limits mentally and physically. We commonly call this an extreme sports athlete or a crazy man (crazy enough to achieve his dreams and live big). He wants to experience as much of life as possible along the way and build strong friendships and connections.

He is currently training and working to become a full-time extreme sports athlete and adventurer. His highest value in life is experience, and he intends to live an extraordinary one and take on as many challenges as he can. I quote: «the crazier and scarier the better!». For example getting his individual skydiving license to be able to jump alone from a plane within two months. You know. What normal people do.

Fitness coach and podcaster

As a full-time fitness coach, the pandemic completely transformed his business. Indeed, he had to switch from presential training at the gym to online coaching to follow up with his clients. He coaches people from all walks of life to become stronger, fitter, healthier and more confident versions of themselves. His coaching is based on four key areas or pillars: mindset, lifestyle, nutrition, and exercise. His objective is to empower people to take charge of themselves physically and mentally to take on big life goals and do things they never thought possible. And this, he told us, starts with training, physical and mental. You can listen to his podcast The Eoin Dobbin Show on Spotify

A challenge of a lifetime project 

Here we go. As mentioned before, our entrepreneur is driven by challenge and experience. In August 2023, a close friend and himself will take on the challenge of a lifetime, Project Endure. They will attempt to row 7500km unsupported, non-stop from Ireland to Brazil, setting an official Worlds First Record. And I quote: «More people have been to space or summited Everest than have rowed the Atlantic». They are expecting to be at sea for up to 4 months. Finally, they intend to not only cross the Atlantic Ocean but also have the objective of raising €1,000,000 for Samaritans, an Irish / UK-based mental health and suicide prevention charity. 

By the way, this is a rowing boat. The type of boat on which Eoin will cross the Atlantic Ocean.

How did they come out with this idea? 

Eoin explained: «The idea for a row was my teammate, Jacks, as we searched for World Records that hadn’t been already broken. We had discussed wanting to do something extraordinary as we both agreed we were not cut out for a «normal» life. When the opportunity presented itself, I was all over it! It is a once in a lifetime adventure and challenge and right up my street. The cause is really close to my heart as my father was a director of the Samaritans organisation and volunteer for 25 years.»

From project to adventure, what preparation does it imply?

As you can imagine, crossing the Atlantic Ocean will not be easy. The preparation is immense on all fronts. In addition to his firm and positive mindset, Eoin and his rowing mate Jacks will have to train harder than ever. It will take them at least three years to achieve their goal. They are currently documenting and recording all their progress and are planning a post row documentary. 

Then, next big step: August 2022. As part of the main row and world record attempt and to raise awareness, they will be rowing around Ireland and stopping at major ports along the way to spread the word in local communities for the main expedition. This journey is already huge in itself. They are expecting to be at sea for upwards of 2 months. What an adventure!

Better be prepared, right? To get everything ready, they are working closely with the Samaritans organisation on the project. They also have a great team of coaches and advisors. Some hold ocean rowing records, some have executed major expeditions themselves, and some have trained world record holders. He also told us that their boat build is currently ongoing. They are now expected to start putting time on the sea with some team members on their boat this summer and then on their own rowing boat next spring. Presently, training involves lots of weight training and endurance-based work.

What is the objective? And, what are you personally expecting from this experience?

As mentioned before, their objective is to set a World Record, becoming the first people in history to complete a row from Ireland to South America and raise €1,000,000 for Samaritans. Along the way, Eoin always aims to build an incredible bond of friendship on this life-changing voyage.

When we asked what he was expecting from this experience, Eoin admitted: «It’s hard to say what I can expect, but I know it will be a life-changing experience and probably the best opportunity I will ever have to help others on a large scale doing something I love.» He explained to us that Project Endure aims to demonstrate to people that you can weather the storms of life to achieve the seemingly impossible through purpose and perseverance. For him, the voyage symbolises the battles people go through daily with mental health and that: “there is a way out and away through the storm”. 

What an incredible character that popped up at the coworking and brought his positive energy and great mindset! We are looking forward to following our coworker’s progress and achievements in this big journey! Thank you, Eoin, for sharing your incredible story! And dear reader, please stay tuned. Until then, you can also discover more Focus stories in our blog, like Nelson, the founder of Dombrands.

PS: Practical information we should have shared before: Eoin’s name is pronounced «Owen».