5 Unique Cafés To Try In Poble Sec, Barcelona

5 Unique Cafés To Try In Poble Sec, Barcelona

  • 10/08/2021

Are you a coffee lover? A nice place seeker? And you happen to be in Barcelona, near the Poble Sec District? Then, this article is for you. Barcelona’s foodie scene is incredible, and coffee shops are no exception

The Poble Sec is a vibrant and growing district. Indeed, it is becoming one of the trendiest areas in the city. The neighbourhood lies at the feet of Montjuic wooded hills, bursting with restaurants, bars and cafeterias. 

First of all, what makes a coffee place one of the best

  • Good coffee, of course. 
  • Tasty food for sure.
  • Comfy and well-designed spaces are essential.
  • Finally, authenticity and what’s the story behind it.

On those criteria, let’s explore the best cafés in Poble Sec.

1 -Syra Coffee

📍Carrer Margarit 17

Syra is a specialty coffee take-away boutique in the heart of Poble Sec. By far one of the best coffee in the city. Small minimalist shop, nothing comparable to a cafeteria. They focused their energy on the roasting and processing of coffee. Indeed, they work with more than 50 small producers around the world and roast all their coffees. Their friendly staff can also help you choose the best coffee depending on your taste and personality. A real coffee experience. Plus, they also have a small selection of yummy cakes and cookies!

Story and facts: 

The concept was born from the love of coffee of a student in Architecture. Yassir Raïs, the founder, created Syra back in 2015 while finishing his Master degree in Paris. And, they now have 9 locations in the centre of Barcelona. He explained in an interview in Lavanguardia that his business model is based on a modest investment in rent and decoration of the premises and a solid commitment to quality machinery and employee training. 

2 – Cactus Coffee

📍 Carrer de Blasco de Garay, 10

Cactus is a cool coffee corner in the veins of Poble Sec, right next to Carrer Blai, one of the most famous foodie streets in Barcelona. Cactus café is a super cosy and friendly place where brunch and coffee lovers meet. You can enjoy a good coffee or vermouth to go with one of their delicious homemade cakes and food.

Story and facts:  

Just imagine two friends from high school answering the fateful question: What are we going to do with our life? And then saying: “Let’s open a bar!”. This is how Cactus café was born. From two young and motivated 17 years old friends eager to build something. What they didn’t know was that Cactus was going to become much more than a bar but a restaurant and excellent coffee place that focused on Brunch and International food.

3- Molinet Cafe Antic

📍 Carrer d’Elkano 69

In Molinet Cafè Antic, you will step into one of the cosiest vintage coffee shops in Barcelona. The food is delicious; they conquered the hearts of food lovers with their famous Breakfast & Brunch Buffet every first Sunday of the month. Excellent tea and coffee to accompany their menu at breakfast or for the lunch break! In a place like this, having a coffee has never been so romantic!

Story and facts: 

The Molinet Cafè Antic is a multicultural café full of surprises and charms in the heart of Poble Sec. It was founded in 2018 by Christian and Stephen. The incredible vintage furniture that makes the place so remarkable is actually the fruit of 25 years of collection by passionate Steffen. Finally, the shop hides a small urban garden with a few tables where they also grow their herbs for the kitchen, and they are dog friendly!

4- Spice Cafe

📍 Carrer Margarit 13

Another gem of Poble Sec. A small coffee shop with a super friendly atmosphere. You will be welcomed with a smile and leave with a full stomach. In addition to the great coffee and drink selection, Spice is known for its delicious home-cooked cakes. As a result, they can experiment with new recipes and create the best cakes for all the sweet tooths in the city. 

Story and facts: 

Their cakes are homemade, and they have lots of vegan options. And, of course, they also have savoury options like bagels and sandwiches. Their philosophy is quality, sustainable and local whenever it is possible. They also are dog-friendly, unlike other coffee places where dogs are only allowed at the terrasse.

5 – Bardo 

📍 Carrer de Blasco de Garay, 59

Bardo is a coffee shop and bakery located next to Plaza del Sortidor. The small and well-designed workshop offers daily homemade bakeries, quiches, and empanadas. In Bardo, you will be able to taste delicious food to accompany your savorous coffee and maybe have a chat with the super welcoming founder!

6 – Cafeteria Palmer

📍 Plaça de Santa Madrona, 1

Last but not least. You might be a little surprised here. However, we talked about authenticity before, then, here you have it! With Palmer, you will experiment with one of the best Spanish style cafés in Poble Sec. Yes, this is nothing like the cafés mentioned before, but if you are looking for a real old school Spanish coffee place, this is it. Palmer in one sentence: good coffee, tasty sandwiches, and low prices. 

Story and facts: 

This place was founded in 1944 by Josep Carrasco’s great grandparents. Josep has been running the space since 1999, and beyond the basic renovation he had to do, such as changing the floor or fixing a few things, the cafeteria has remained the same ever since. Authenticity in the look, in the ways and the products. Indeed, they work with good quality bread from the Serra Bakery in the neighbourhood. You will also see that the cold meat used in the sandwiches will be hand-cut at the moment! Never be fooled by appearances; this place is a must-go! 

Let’s conclude this article with a useful link, a map of the café scene of Barcelona designed by coffee speciality specialist Raphael Maggion. And, we’ll wrap it up with what could be an introduction. Why do we like coffee so much? Because it is a comforting routine. The coffee and food culture foster social interactions. And this is the reason why people gather in such great coffee places. There are many more unique places to discover in Barcelona. Go check them out!